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Accommodation certificates: Outline

Any dwelling house is deemed fit for human habitation unless it fails to meet one or other of several requirements and by reason of that failure is not reasonably suitable for occupation.

Repair notice

A repair notice would specify the works required to remedy the particular conditions to which the notice relates. It would also specify a reasonable time by which the works must be started and a reasonable period within which they are to be completed.

Works could include improvements such installation of a damp proofing course, as well as repairs e.g. replastering walls which were affected by dampness.

Closing order

A closing order is an order prohibiting the use of the premises for any purpose not approved by the council. This means the council issues this type of order to prevent the premises being lived in.
Demolition order

As the name suggests these orders are issued where demolition of the premises is the most satisfactory course of action.

Clearance area

An area consisting of houses which are unfit for human habitation and are all to be demolished, as the best way of dealing with the problem. There is a very detailed procedure to go through which includes consulting those people who will be affected by the decision.


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