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Animal - fouling: Outline

The Clean Neighbourhoods and Environment Act 2005 introduced Dog Control Orders to give local authorities extra powers to deal with irresponsible dog ownership, and ensure that where appropriate people can access certain open spaces and public facilities without being affected by dogs.  Rossendale Borough Council introduced Dog Control Orders in 2009 after a public consultation.  The Orders aim to balance the interests of those with dogs and the interests of those affected by the activities of dogs, such as children in playgrounds.

The Fouling of Land by Dogs Order makes it an offence for anyone in charge of a dog to fail to pick up the dog's faeces after allowing the dog to foul on any land in the open air, unless they have a reasonable excuse or the consent of the landowner.  If any person in control of a dog allows that dog to foul on any land in the open air to which the public has access, and fails to remove the faeces, they can receive a £75 fine, payable within  28 days of the notice being issued.  Anyone guilty of a dog fouling offence can be prosecuted instead of receiving a fixed penalty notice fine.  Anyone who receives a fixed penalty notice but fails to pay the fine will be prosecuted.

From September 2014 Rossendale Borough Council will be working in partnership with Burnley Borough Council to carry out patrols of dog fouling hotspots and will issue fixed penalty notices to anyone caught committing an offence.

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