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Council housing - crime: Outline

Rossendale Borough Council transferred its housing stock in April 2006. These properties are now owned by Green Vale Homes. If any tenant is a victim of a crime, such as homophobic crime, racist crime, or general crime, they should contact the Police, but also advise Green Vale Homes of the problem.

It is likely that if a crime is perpetrated against a tenant whilst in their home, or whilst in the vicinity of their home, the person commiting the crime may be in breach of their Conditions of Tenancy and it may be possible to either ensure that they do not repeat their actions or potentially that they could be evicted.

For more information please visit their website or contact them using the details below


Normal office hours Mon - Fri 9am - 5pm (except public holidays)

Contact: Green Vale Homes

Telephone: 01706 836301

Green Vale Homes, Rawtenstall, Rossendale , Lancs, BB4 7LZ

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