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Council housing - current tenancy arrears: Outline

Rossendale Borough Council transferred its housing stock in April 2006. These properties are now owned by Green Vale Homes.  

  • Green Vale Homes has a specific procedure in dealing with tenants who fall behind with their rent:
  • They will inform you of the debt and try to make a mutually acceptable and affordable arrangement to clear the debt. They will also advise you on any methods of maximising your income through Benefits.
  • If your circumstances change you must inform Green Vale Homes so they  can review any agreement you have with them.
  • If you fail to keep to any agreement Green Vale Homes will be obliged to seek legal enforcements. This will entail seeking a County Court Judgement (CCJ), and this will affect your ability to gain credit for other purposes.
  • If you fail to keep to a Court Order Green Vale Homes will seek possession of your home, to re-let to another family.


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Green Vale Homes, Rawtenstall, Rossendale , Lancs, BB4 7LZ

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