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Home improvements - disability facility grant for a private property: Outline

Disabled Facilities Grants are a result of a statutory duty of the Local Authority under the Construction and Regeneration Act 1996 to provide grants towards adaptations or facilities to enable a disabled person to continue to live within their property.  We liaise with and receive recommendations about grants from Lancashire County Council, manage funding allocation from Central Government, provide an Agency Service to provide practical support and technical expertise to residents.  

This generally is a mandatory grant specifically intended to help disabled people with a range of adaptation works to enable them to remain living in their own homes and is generally for

  • essential works to give better freedom of movement into and around the home;
  • access to essential facilities within the home;
  • the provision of essential facilities where necessary;
  • certain works to make the dwelling or building safe for the disabled occupant and other persons residing with them.

The grant can only be awarded for works that are:

Deemed "necessary and appropriate" by the Welfare Authority (LCC Social Services) and "reasonable and practical" depending on the age and condition of the property by officers of the Council's Private Sector Housing Renewal team.

Applicants are subjected to a means test. Only the financial resources of the disabled occupant and their spouse or partner are taken into account.

The maximum grant available is £ 30,000

The Council may now at its discretion in accordance with the general power under Article 3 of the Regulatory Reform Order offer grant assistance to a disabled person to move to and/or adapt a different property if it is not reasonable and practical to adapt their present home. The Council will therefore consider offering a grant of up to £3000 to assist with relocation expenses. This will not prevent a further application being made for works to adapt the new home. This grant will be known as a Disabled Facilities (Relocation) Grant.

Fees of 5% or £250 whichever is the greater are charged (which is included in the grant awarded).

Applicants who avail themselves to the Disabled Adaptations Agency are charged 10% or £ 350 whichever is the greater.


To be a resident in the Rossendale Borough. Disabled owner occupiers, private tenants & RSL tenants qualify for this scheme


First enquirers should contact Lancashire County Council Social Services during normal office hours Mon - Fri 9am - 5pm (except public holidays).

Further Information

Contact: Private Sector Housing Renewal

Telephone: 01706 252408

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