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Fair rents inspection - homes in multiple occupation: Outline

The Rent Acts (Maximum Fair Rent) Order is a Statutory Instrument (secondary legislation introduced by the Government) which came into effect on 1st February 1999. The Order made changes to the way in which Rent Officers and Rent Assessment Committees register rents following the assessment of fair rent for properties let since before 15th January 1989.

Inspections are carried out by Rossendale Borough Council into homes in multiple occupations and look for disrepair, inadequate facilities and means of escape, dangerous or defective lifts, general miss-management and overcrowding. The assessment may be used in addition to the determination by the Fair Rents Inspection, as the Rent Officer will consider whether your home has more rooms than the housing benefit rules say you need.

The Rent Officer is primarily responsible for the constitution and the working of rent assessment committees, which hear appeals from either landlords or tenants and determines appropriate rents for their property. The Rent Assessment Panel is a Non Departmental Public Body whose function is to determine appropriate rents for those properties in the private rented sector.


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