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Event safety: Outline

Events can vary greatly in size and cover a wide range of activities. It may be a music festival or carnival or just a small community fete.

Whatever the size they have common issues, which include planning, organisation, insurance, licensing, contingency/emergency planning, publicity and of course safety.

The Events Safety Advisory Group can help you to make sure that your event goes to plan and you are not breaking the law. The group includes council representatives, the police and emergency services. Members of the group have a wide range of experience and will be able to help you make the right decisions to ensure your event is a success.

A guidance pack has been produced to provide you with advice and to ensure you are fully aware of the implications involved when organising an event. However, rather than creating barriers that would deter you from organising the event, the pack should be seen as informative whilst providing you with the appropriate contacts to ensure your event runs smoothly and without incident.

Our policy is to promote reasonably practical standards of safety at all public events in the borough to ensure the health, safety and well-being of people attending those events. We work in partnership with appropriate agencies throughout Rossendale to achieve this.

For further information regarding the Event Safety Advisory Group or the guidance pack, please contact Lee Childs on 01706 252527.

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