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Land use - proposals: Outline

Parliament makes laws and sets out the legal framework for the planning system in England and Wales. The primary legislation for the planning system is the Town and Country Planning Act 1990 accompanied by other legislation such as the General Permitted Development Order 1995, the Use Classes Order 1987 and a range of statutory instruments.

However while Parliament makes the law the Courts have to interpret the legislation. Courts may be required to make judgements on planning matters and as a result case law has resulted. Planning Officers have to take into account both the primary legislation and case law when deciding planning applications and preparing Local Plans.

The Government administers the planning system. They can:
  • Issue guidance to local councils via national and regional planning guidance
  • Set planning policy via Circulars, and Planning Policy Guidance Notes
  • Make decisions on planning appeals and major planning applications via the Planning Inspectorate.
Different tiers of Local Government are involved in planning: County Councils, District Councils and in some urban areas unitary authorities only.


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Planning Applications Received - Weekly Lists

Proposed Valley Centre Interim Development

Site Submission Forms

Validation Checklist - Criteria for Applications Submitted to the Local Planning Authority

Wind Energy Developments Study

5 Year Housing Land Supply Report 2015 - 2020

Strategic Flood Risk Assessment (SFRA)

Hot Food Takeaways

Procedure for speaking at Development Control Committee

Planning Enforcement

Statement of Community Involvement 2014

Local Development Scheme Timetable 2016 - 2019

The Way Forward 2011 - 2026 Summary

SHMA - Glossary of Terms

Planning Application Forms

Lives & Landscapes Green Belt Re-Consultation Responses

Local Plan Part 2 : Site Allocations & Development Management Policies

Local Plan Part 2 - Evidence - Strategic Flood Risk Assessment (SFRA)

Local Plan Part 2 - Evidence - Lives & Landscapes Assessment

Sustainability Appraisal - Alternatives SA Report

Local Plan Part 2 - Evidence - Wind Turbines in the Landscape Studies

Viability Assessment

Lancashire Ecological Network Maps

Lives & Landscapes Evidence - Individual Site Assessments

Gypsy Sites Appraisals

Habitats Regulations Assessment Screening Report (HRA)

Local Plan Part 2 - Site Allocations

Local Plan Part 2 - Additional Reports - Accessibility

Local Plan Part 2 - Additional Reports - Employment

Local Plan Part 2 - Additional Reports - Environment

Local Plan Part 2 - Additional Reports - Housing

Local Plans Part 2 - Additional Reports (Proposed New Sites)

Local Plan Plan 2 - Additional Reports - Retail & Town Centre Uses

Local Plan Part 2 - Additional Reports - Various Chapters of Local Plan

Call for Sites FAQ Guidance Form

Self Build and Custom Build Register

Playing Pitch Strategy - Rossendale, Pendle & Burnley

Pilot Brownfield Register Manual

Consultation on a draft Local Validation Checklist

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