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Loans, donations and bequests: Outline

Want to donate or loan from your local museum or gallery? Here's how!


If you have an object of historical interest, which relates to the history of the region, or to Museums or Art collections already held by Rossendale Borough Council, and would like to donate it to us, please contact us.

You should make an appointment to bring your item along, so that you can be sure that you get to speak to an Officer. Please do not bring items in without an appointment, as we will not accept them over the desk.

We will make a decision on whether to accept your offer based on existing collections, our collecting priorities, legislation and Council policy.

If we are not able to accept the item, we may be able to put you in touch with someone who can.


The Museums have a selection of Loan Kits available to borrow. These object-based kits can be loaned to educational establishments free of charge for a fixed period to supplement learning. Themes include Basic Geology and Bygone Kitchens, with further kits due for development.

Requests for loans of specific items will be considered.

Begin to type the name and select from the appearing choices.