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Witness support: Outline

Victim Support Lancashire helps Lancashire residents cope with the effects of crime. They provide confidential support and information to victims of crime and to witnesses attending local courts.

Call the national victim support line 0845 30 30 90

Additional information: The Victim Support service is free and independent of the police and courts, and available to everyone, whether or not the crime has been reported and regardless of when it happened.

The Witness Service trained staff and volunteers offer:

  • a visit to the court and a look round a court room (where possible)
  • information about court procedures
  • a quiet place to wait before and during the hearing
  • someone to accompany you into the court room when giving evidence
  • practical help, for example, with expense forms
  • to put you in touch with people who can answer specific questions about the case (the Witness Service cannot discuss evidence or offer legal advice)
  • a chance to talk over the case when it has ended and to get more help or information.

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