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Supported Accommodation for Young People 16-25: Outline

M3 PROJECT                            

M3 is a scheme which offers an alternative to hostel provision in that it provides accommodation in a home environment to homeless young people aged 16 to 25. This accommodation is provided throughout Rossendale in the homes of providers who offer a room in their homes, along with some level of support for the young people.  People from all walks of life will provide this accommodation, which will be as varied as the people who form the network.

People accepted as providers will have undergone Criminal Records Bureau checks, as will all members of their household.  In addition part of the induction process for providers includes training in homelessness issues, equal opportunities and confidentiality.  The accommodation offered will have been inspected and Health and Safety checks conducted. M3 aims to assist young people to live independent lives, and to encourage, support, empower and develop them as they mature.  They will be treated with respect and dignity and encouraged to make choices.  They will be encouraged to develop day to day life skills, leading to greater independence and helping them to take control of their own lives. The Scheme is open to young single people aged between 16 and 25 who are either homeless or in unsuitable accommodation. 


M3 Move-On supports up to 8 units of families, aged 16-25yrs, and their children throughout East Lancashire area.

The units will be leased out as fully furnished and equipped placements, according to the needs of the family. The placements are Health & Safety checked.     Individuals will engage on the resettlement project for approx twelve to eighteen months. During that time regular home visits will be conducted to monitor progress being made, and to advise and guide accordingly. The Senior Project Worker will engage and attend arranged appointments in order to advocate for and support individuals.

Training is offered to all young people on M3 Move-On around the following issues:

  • Rents & Arrears
  • Dealing with neighbor nuisance
  • Introduction to home safety
  • Health & well being

This training is not optional, as M3 Move-On has an agreement with landlords committed to the B-with-us choice based lettings scheme. Young people taking part in this training will be supplied with a reference which will assist them with locating permanent accommodation for their own families. We have negotiated that young people taking part in this scheme will be given additional priority on the Housing register.

Suite 2, St Johns Court, Bacup Road, Rawtenstall, Lancs, BB4 7PA
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Stepping Stone Project’s Dispersed Housing Project accommodates 16-25 year olds, in fully furnished shared houses (with lockable bedrooms) and single person accommodation within the Hyndburn, Rossendale and Pendle areas. The scheme aims to provide secure, supported accommodation to young people, and is ideal for anyone that would like to live independently but who would like support around developing skills necessary to maintain a tenancy

The supported housing provides 18 one bedroom flats with 4 studio apartments and accommodates 16-25 year olds in their own tenancy with support. The scheme aims to provide secure, supported accommodation to young people, and is ideal for anyone that would like to live independently but who would like support around developing skills necessary to maintain a tenancy.

The projects create a supported living environment that practically prepares young people for independent living prior to them securing their own tenancy within the community. Alongside resettlement work, motivation and confidence building the scheme gives young people a taste of being a positive neighbour, housemate and citizen.

How do I get dispersed or supported housing?

Applicants are accepted from young people themselves and any agency. The young person will be invited to an interview to discuss their support needs. If accepted they will then be placed on a waiting list and contacted when a suitable vacancy arises.

Redfearn House, Ings Avenue, Rochdale OL12 7LH Telephone 01706 359600

or email or

or visit Stepping Stones website


SafeSpace, No.1 Queen Street    

SafeSpace Rossendale is a supported housing project for young people aged 16-25 who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless.  It aims to enable young people to progress to independent living and move to secure permanent accommodation wherever possible.

The project is staffed 24 hours a day and tenants are supported in a variety of ways, such as improving daily living skills, budgeting, meal planning and being a good tenant. Help is also available in improving employment skills, using community resources and finding suitable permanent accommodation. SafeSpace staff work closely with other support agencies and can refer to specialist agencies if necessary.


Telephone  01706 212894




Mon - Fri 10am - 4pm

Contact: Housing Options Team

Telephone: 01706 252555

Fax: 01706 873577

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