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Council Tax Support Scheme 2017/18 – Have your say!

From: 27/06/2016. To: 18/09/2016.

Council Tax Support Scheme 2017/18 - Have your say!

Consultation period Monday 27th June to Sunday 18th September 2016 inclusive

What is changing?

The Council's local Council Tax Support Scheme replaced Council Tax Benefits from April 2013

The Council’s scheme is based on the previous Housing/Council Tax Benefit Scheme, approved by Full Council in December 2012 after consultation was undertaken with residents of Rossendale, Lancashire County Council, Whitworth Parish Council, Police, Fire Authority and other interested parties.

The old Council Tax Benefit Scheme was retained within our local support scheme and we have continued to protect pensioners, as prescribed by Central Government.

Rossendale Borough Council’s Council Tax Support Scheme has remained unchanged since April 2013, except for the annual uprating of applicable amounts/premiums keeping it in line with the Housing Benefit Scheme and is formally ratified annually by Full Council.

Central Government announced a number of welfare changes in its 2015 Summer Budget, some of these changes apply to the Housing Benefit Scheme.

Rossendale Borough Council is proposing that:

- The Council Tax Support Scheme continues to align with the Housing Benefit Scheme

- The maximum level of support for working age claimants remains at 80% and does not reduce further.  

This will aid an efficient/streamlined scheme and will mean that the Council would not have to consider increasing the % reduction of support or find savings from other Council services to cover additional administration costs.

Why are we consulting?

In last year’s Summer Budget Central Government announced a number of welfare changes a number which affected the Housing Benefit Scheme.

Because of the number of changes to the Housing Benefit scheme which would affect our Council Tax Support Scheme should we maintain our alignment we are consulting with residents and other interested groups to ascertain their views.

The information sheet and the frequently asked questions should give you all the information you may need about the  proposals under  consideration and we recommend that you read these documents prior to completing the questionnaire.

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