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Frequently Asked Questions: Benefits

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Benefits FAQs

Q: When does LHA begin in Rossendale?

Q: Will the level of LHA be from the date of claim or the date the claim is actually assessed?

Q: Will LHA be reassessed when a customer moves into work?

Q: What action should be taken to determine the rent for a pre-LHA period where Pension Credit and associated HB claim has been backdated to a point before the introduction of LHA?

Q: What if a customer moves house within the Rossendale area?

Q: Does the customer have to complete a new claim form for a change of address, even when the change is within the council area?

Q: If a customer is in tied accommodation but stops working for his employer/landlord is he entitled to LHA?

Q: How will board and lodgings cases be handled?

Q: Will there be any flexibility in LHA to reflect the needs of customers with disabilities?

Q: Are foster children included when considering the LHA bedroom rate?

Q: How should foreign students placed with host families be treated under LHA size criteria?

Q: When a child reaches 10 or 16, if this affects the size criteria, when should the LHA rate be amended from?

Q: Will there be a flat rate for all properties with more than 6 bedrooms?

Q: Can a customer gain extra LHA because his estranged partner visits the property regularly to stay with the children and needs a room to sleep in?

Q: Where LHA customers have partners or household members who have no recourse to public funds are such people included in the customer's room entitlement under the size criteria?

Q: Will a person's LHA change due to the household size changing temporarily, e.g. because a person has gone into hospital or into temporary respite care?

Q: What LHA would apply to a care leaver who is under 22 and lives in shared accommodation?

Q: If a woman is pregnant, does this increase the LHA size criteria?

Q: How will joint tenants be treated?

Q: How do you work out the percentage split on which to base joint tenancies paid under LHA?

Q: Will claims be re-assessed every 52 weeks or on the anniversary of the last assessment?

Q: Is payment into a bank account compulsory?

Q: What if customers haven't got a bank account?

Q: Can Discretionary Housing Payments be made up to LHA (even if this is greater than the actual rent payable)?

Q: What if the tenant is unable to cope with the responsibility of paying the rent?

Q: What if the tenant is unable to cope with the responsibility of paying the rent?

Q: Who is to say whether a tenant is 'vulnerable'?

Q: Will the payment be changed so that the landlord receives it direct once the tenant is over 8 weeks in arrears?

Q: If tenants fall into arrears, how do landlords recover the arrears?

Q: What action should be taken where a landlord is in pursuit of long term, pre-LHA rent arrears?

Q: If landlords demand 8 weeks rent in advance, is the customer 'in arrears' after one day of the tenancy so that the council is obliged to pay the landlord directly?

Q: In cases where the customer is withholding rent due to a dispute, will the council suspend payment?

Q: Who may appeal against LHA decisions?

Q: Will a customer/landlord be able to appeal against a council's decision that a customer is/isn't vulnerable or unlikely to pay his rent?

Q: Will a customer/landlord be able to appeal against a council's decision that the landlord should not be able to receive HB on the customer's behalf, i.e. as an "agent"?

Q: Will there be any right of appeal against the levels of allowances for each Broad Rental Market Area determined by the Rent Officer?

Q: Can landlords appeal if they disagree with the Rent Officer's calculation of the standard rates?

Q: Can we keep landlords informed of the progress of their tenant's claim?

Q: Where payments are being made to the landlord - what are the reasons?

Q: Are there any benefits to landlords in direct payments to customers?

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