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Frequently Asked Questions: Council tax

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Council tax FAQs

Q: Why have I received a summons?

Q: What are Court costs for?

Q: What if I can't pay in full?

Q: What if I have written to you about my summons and have not had a reply by the hearing date?

Q: Do I need to attend Court?

Q: Will the Magistrates decide how much I should pay?

Q: What happens if outstanding amounts remain unpaid after receiving a liability order?

Q: How much money would be taken from my wages on an attachment of earnings?

Q: According to our records you have not paid the required installments in accordance with the relevant demand. If the notification sent to you prior to the summons was a final notice, then it will be irrelevant that you have caught up any missed installment.

Q: Why is the Council deducting my benefits when I have no liability for Council Tax?

Q: How do I contact the Recovery Section?

Q: I have had a bill – is it for council tax?

Q: I haven’t yet received a Council Tax bill.

Q: I have had a new Council Tax bill can you explain it & why have you sent it?

Q: Can I make an arrangement to pay my council tax?

Q: How can I pay my (council tax) bill?

Q: Can I change the date on which I pay my Council Tax instalments?

Q: Can I pay my Council Tax weekly , half yearly or in full ?

Q: My Direct Debit amounts have changed / appear incorrect.

Q: How much council Tax do I owe at this time?

Q: I have changed my address OR circumstances what do you need to know?

Q: There has been a death in the family, what do you need to know?

Q: I am a landlord, & there has been a change of tenancy at one of my properties.

Q: I own an empty property will I have to pay Council Tax for it?

Q: Will my property need to be unoccupied before I am entitled to exemption ?

Q: I am disabled can I claim any reduction in my Council Tax charges?

Q: Why have I received this reminder/final notice for my Council Tax?

Q: I have received a Final Notice for Council Tax can I just bring my instalments up to date instead ?

Q: Will receipt of these reminder notices for Council Tax affect my credit rating ?

Q: How can I find out what is the band of my property and can I find out about bands for other properties?

Q: I have just bought a new property how can I find out what band it will be given?

Q: What are the charges per band in Rossendale and Whitworth?

Q: What can I do if I think my property has been given the wrong band?

Q: Am I still obliged to pay my Council Tax if I am unhappy with the services provided?

Q: How do I appeal against my Council Tax Band ?

Q: How do I appeal if I have not been awarded exemption/discount or a bill has been incorrectly issued ?

Q: How do I complain about your service?

Q: What happens if the enforcement agent visits my home?

Q: What if the Enforcement Agents dont collect the outstanding amount?

Q: What if I recieve a summons for my committal to prison?

Q: Will a duty solicitor be available at court?

Q: What happens if i ignore a committal summons?

Q: How do I claim housing/council tax benefit?

Q: What do I do if I cannot afford the statutory instalments?

Q: If a tenant is supposed to be paying the council tax but has fallen into arrears, am I as property owner liable for the debt?

Q: Who Can Claim?

Q: How do I Claim?

Q: When should I Claim?

Q: When will you start my Claim?

Q: What is Second Adult Rebate?

Q: How is it Paid?

Q: What happens if my Circumstances Change?

Q: What happens if I delay telling you about a change?

Q: How should I tell you about the changes in circumstances?

Q: What happens if I disagree with your decision on my claim or the amount of benefit you pay me?

Q: What Is Benefit Fraud?

Q: What Types Of Benefit Fraud Are There?

Q: What Organisations Do The Investigation Unit Have Access To?

Q: How Can I Report A Suspected Fraud?

Q: There is no (or reduced) benefits shown on my bill or I am waiting for benefits to sort out my claim?

Q: Is there anything else I can claim, to help me pay my council tax?

Q: My husband works away, can i claim for any discount example single adult occupant as he only stays 2 nights a month ?

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