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Alchohol control zones

Calling time on nuisance boozers

The alcohol ban in Rawtenstall town centre came into force on the 22nd March 2004.

The ban prevents the consumption of alcohol in a designated public place. The aim of the ban is to approach the problems of alcohol-related anti-social behaviour and nuisance which affect the quality of life of the residents of Rossendale.  

The anti-social consumption of alcohol in public places can generate problems of crime, disorder and social nuisance and often includes under-age consumption. Fear of alcohol-related violence or intimidation can lead to many people avoiding the town centre during the evenings. The implementation of such a ban can provide an effective measure for reducing alcohol-related rowdy and anti-social behaviour within designated areas, thus increasing people's feelings of safety and enhancing the general image of the area.

A fine of up to £500 can be imposed on anyone not prepared to comply with a Police Officer's request to stop drinking in the designated areas. Landlords in the area have given their full support to the scheme.