Rossendale Borough Council

Lee Quarry & Cragg Quarry


Lee Quarry 

Lee Quarry is the first of Rossendale's purpose built mountain bike venues. It can be ridden on its own or if you have the legs for it combined with a trip up to Cragg Quarry. Lee Quarry has around 10km of red and black graded mountain bike trails, two pump trail and numerous cycle trails sections.
One  of the key features of Lee Quarry is its short repeatable loops the idea of these is that you can session these sections and build your skills. Whether you want to practice your climbs, riding rock gardens, drop off's, jumps or huge berms there is always room for improvement and Lee Quarry is the perfect place to practice.

But be aware the rocks are unforgiving and the site is exposed so make sure you are dressed appropriately and take account what the weather is doing. In particular do not attempt to use the jumps in strong winds.

Cragg Quarry

Cragg Quarry is the jewel in the crown of local trails it feels more like a secret riding spot you have discovered than a purpose built trail. From Lee Quarry head south following the newly constructed route across Brandwood Lower End Moor until you reach Rooley Moor Road turn right (west) and follow the Mary Towneley Loop for just over 1 Km and you will find yourself in Cragg Quarry.

Here you find 6.5km of swooping flowing singletrack which makes good use of the spoil heaps left up there by Rossendale's Quarrying heritage.

From Cragg you can either carry on and make use of the local bridleway network or return back to Lee Quarry.