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Community Engagement

General information

Rossendale Borough Council is dedicated to working with the community to create stronger communities that we are all proud to work, live or invest in.

What do we mean by Community Engagement?

At the centre of any Community Engagement Vision is the customer.

A strong vision for community engagement means creating a conversation with our community, to gain a unique understanding of not only their needs, but their assets. Also known as: ‘Being on good talking terms and knowing what their strengths are!’

By working together with the community, we will share responsibility for creating:

-       A clean, green Rossendale

-       Regenerating Rossendale

-       Responsive and value for money local services.

Rossendale Borough Council’s Definition of Community Engagement.

 ‘Community Engagement’ means our continued relationship with the community; working with them, sharing information, responding to their needs and interacting with them. Through this we will create communities with a better quality of life, as communities have not only the power to influence our services, our policies, our decisions, what we deliver and how, but to work with us and deliver services themselves.

The ‘community of Rossendale’ is made up of lots of different groups, those with a locality in common, people with a shared interest, or people with a shared need.

We continually engage with the community, through the services we provide, by responding to enquiries, by consulting on the choices and decisions we make and by being a part of our community. Developing and maintaining a positive relationship with our communities is vital to the delivery of excellent services and ensuring effective community engagement.

You can find our Community Engagement Strategy here.