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Council tax payments

Council tax bills

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One bill will be sent for each property.

This bill will show the name(s) of the person(s) or company liable to pay the charges thereon.

  • Persons with a joint interest in the property will be "jointly & severally liable" for the council tax, and all names should appear on the bill.
  • Couples (whether married or not) should always be "jointly & severally liable", and both names should appear on the bill regardless of whether they both have the same legal interest in that property.
  • If you feel that name(s) are incorrect on the bill, then it is important you inform the Council immediately.
  • In some cases the bill will simply be addressed to "the council tax payer", this is normal & usually indicates information regarding the owners or residents is awaited.

All Rossendale council tax bills account reference numbers begin with a "2". (business rates (Non-domestic) start with a "5 or 6").

Council tax is a daily charge, and as such different circumstances applying for different periods during a financial year will result in various revised bills being issued throughout that year.

Your statutory instalments are shown on the lower half your council tax bill.

  • All default instalments are due on the 1st of each month (you can also choose to pay on the 8th , 15th or 22nd of the month)
  • The Council is legally obliged to collect council tax in accordance with legislation and therefore is unable to accept any other payments less than those outlined on your bill. The only time any other legal arrangement can be made, is after the issue of a summons/liability order.
  • If you are on a low income and you think that you may be entitled to benefits you should contact the benefits section IMMEDIATELY as any delay can affect your claim

You are legally obliged to notify the council of any changes in circumstances which may affect the bill within 21 days.

Please inform us online of any changes.

  • We can then ensure a corrected bill (or refund of overpaid charges) is sent as soon as possible.
  • If you delay you may find that your council tax instalments are higher than you anticipated - a maximum of 12 instalments can be offered at the start of the financial year - bills issued later in the year may have considerably less instalments.
  • A revised bill will show the reason for the bill between the postal & property addresses (for example: benefit, band changed, discount changed, change of payer type i.e.: sign up for/cancellation of direct debit).
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