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Council tax - general information

Introduction to council tax

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Every residential property in England receives a council tax bill.

There are two elements to your bill 50% relates to the property and the other 50% relates to the number of adults who live at the property.

The property is valued by the Valuation Office Agency which is part of the Inland Revenue - each dwelling is placed into one of eight valuation bands

This is the starting point of your council tax bill.

It is always assumed that two or more adults are living at any property - if there are less than two adults you may be entitled to claim a discount on your bill.

If you live in Whitworth you will pay an increased amount to contribute towards the parish charges of that area.

Council tax must be charged to contribute towards the costs of the services provided by your local council, county council and police and fire authorities

The council tax is set around February / March each year for the forthcoming financial year.

For further information on how your council tax is set, please see our Revenue & Capital Budgets section. 

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