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Summons and further recovery action

Why has a summons been issued?

The Council has a legal obligation to take further action against both non payers and those who are paying late.

As a consequence of this, if after 14 days the overdue instalment (in the case of a reminder) or the full outstanding balance (in the case of a final notice) has not been paid, the Council will issue a summons.

The hearing will take place at Burnely Magistrates Court, The Court House, Parker Lane, Burnley, BB11 2BS where the Council asks the Court to grant a Liability Order in respect of the outstanding amount.

As its name suggests, this hearing establishes liability for the debt, and gives the Council various options to enable it to recover the outstanding amount.

It is not necessary for a charge payer to attend this hearing, however by contacting the Council prior to the court date by any method listed below, and making a suitable payment arrangement, further recovery action after a Liability Order has been granted can be avoided.

The Recovery section can be contacted by telephone on 01706 217777 by email at or in person at the One Stop Shop, Futures Park Bacup OL13 0BB Monday to Friday between 8:45am & 5.00pm. Mon - Wed - Thur - Fri and 9:15 am - 5:00pm Tues

See also frequently asked questions for further information about summonses and the options for further recovery action.