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Council tax reductions exemptions and discounts

Council Tax Discounts

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Discounts can result in 25% or 50% reduction to your Council Tax Bill.

These discounts are not means-tested and you do not have to be on a low-income to qualify for them.


If you are the only adult (over 18) living at the house, then you should be entitled to a 25% single person discount. To apply you will need to complete a single occupancy discount form


Certain categories of people are not counted when looking at the number of residents in a property. These are listed below.

For example, if there are 2 adult residents, and one (or both) of those adults satisfies the conditions for one of the following categories, then 25% (or 50%) discount may also apply.

Discounts may also apply in households with more than 2 adult residents. Simply count up the number of adults in the following categories, deduct this number from the TOTAL number of adult residents, and if there are less than 2 persons leftover who are NOT disregarded, then discount may also apply. (ie: a total of 4 residents, one is a student & 2 are severley mentally impaired, leaves only one who is not disregarded so discount may apply).

The categories we DON'T count include:

  • FULL TIME Students
    • PART TIME students do not normally qualify for a discount, if you are in any doubt contact the admin dept at your college (they will issue you with a certificate if you qualify)
  • Student Nurses
  • Severely mentally impaired persons
  • Full time Carers
  • Persons in Prison
  • Permanent Residents of Care Home /Hospital (Residential, Mental or Nursing)
  • Apprentices
  • Youth Training Trainees
  • Aged Under 20 & still at (or just left) school
  • Person who still has child benefit paid for them
  • People staying in certain hostels or night shelters
  • Monks & Nuns


From 1st April 2014, properties which are unoccupied & unfurnished may initially qualify for a 100% exemption from Council Tax, (For 1 month followed by 50% discount for 5 months from that date it was last occupied). 

It is important to remember, that the property may have already had a share of the exemption if it was already unoccupied when you took over ownership or tenancy.

When a property is vacant due to major repairs or structural alterations, the a 50% discount discount applies for up to 12 months.  


Properties tht have been continuously empty for more than 2 years will be charges with a 50% premium i.e. 150% of the normal Council Tax.


Second homes no longer receive any discount from 1st April 2014.

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