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Fraud Investigation

Types of Fraud

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Housing Benefit Fraud

Benefit Fraud investigations are now undertaken by the Department for Work and Pensions under the umbrella of the Single Fraud Investigation Service. However, the Council remain committed to supporting the Department for Work and Pensions and helping them tackle Benefit Fraud.

Fraud Investigation Team

We have retained the Investigation Team to ensure that other forms of fraud that affect the Council are identified, investigated, and where necessary those found to be responsible are prosecuted.

The other forms of Fraud we investigate are listed below.

·         Single Person Council Tax Discount Fraud

Anyone liable to pay Council Tax who is the only adult aged over 18 living at the property, is entitled to claim a 25% discount of their annual Council Tax charge.

If you are aware of a property where the resident may be receiving this discount but there is more than one adult living at the property, please let us know and we will investigate it.

·         Council Tax Reduction Scheme Fraud

The Council Tax Reduction Scheme is run by the Council for the benefit of those on low incomes to assist in paying Council Tax. This Scheme replaced the old Council Tax benefit scheme. People on this Scheme have an obligation to notify us if changes take place that could affect their entitlement, but some fail to do so. If you suspect anybody, please tell us.

·         Council Tax Evasion

Not registering to pay Council Tax is a direct effort to avoid the charge. Other types or evasion include giving false information or trying to gain an exemption or discount to which you are not entitled too.

·         Non-domestic Rate Fraud

Failure to declare correct circumstances in relation to the occupiers of the premises. Giving false information to claim relief, discounts, or exemptions.

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