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Freedom of Information Act 2000 - Summary and Introduction

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Freedom of Information Requests

Rossendale Borough Council recognises the importance of the Freedom of Information (FOI) Act 2000 and seeks, at all times, to comply with the Act.  Requests are required to be answered within 20 working days from receipt, however the Council always tries to answer well within this deadline.

Before you submit your Freedom of Information Request

Before submitting a Freedom of Information request, it should be noted that Rossendale Borough Council does not provide the following services:-

  • Highways
  • Social Services
  • Public Health
  • Trading Standards
  • Education Services
  • On-Street Parking Enforcement
  • Libraries
  • Pensions

All of the above falls under the remit of Lancashire County Council and Freedom of Information requests can be submitted to them on their website.  A link is provided here.

The Council transferred its housing stock to Green Vale Homes in 2006 and all questions relating to council houses and tenants should be directed to Green Vale Homes who can be contacted via the Together Housing website here.

In addition, the Council publishes details of all spend, and not just that which is over £500 (excluding staff costs).  Please select 'Corporate Spend Analysis'.

Some of the information you need may already be in the public domain.  For example, Minutes of Council Committees and their reports are available here - This link also includes archived committees.

The Council receives a large number of requests relating to business rates/NNDR.  The Council publishes some information online and you should check here before submitting your request.  This information will be updated on a quarterly basis.

How to submit your request

Requests can be submitted via the online form (available in the online services section to the right of this page) or via email to

Requests can be submitted in writing to The FOI Officer, Rossendale Borough Council, The Business Centre, Futures Park, Bacup, OL13 0BB

The information provided above and in our Freedom of Information responses is correct at the date of the response.  We will endeavour to review the responses given here, to ensure that the most up-to-date information is available, but make no guarantees in relation to the same.

Information regarding the Freedom of Information Act and other issues is available from the Information Commissioner's Office