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In May each year there are elections for a number of the councillors who represent the people of Rossendale on the Borough Council or the County Council and every four years people in Whitworth have the opportunity to elect 12 members of their town council.

But, what do councillors do? And, if you want to become one what do you need to do?

What does a councillor do?

Becoming a councillor is a form of public service that allows individuals to make a real difference to the quality of people's daily lives. However, it is a job that requires hard work if it is to be done well.

Councillors have to balance the needs and interests of residents in the ward they represent, voters, their political party (if they belong to one) and the Council. All of these place burdens on councillors' time, in addition to the usual demands of home, family work and friends.

It is important that councillors understand their role so that they can carry it out properly and maintain the quality of their personal lives.

A councillor's role includes:

Representing their ward of making decisions, for example on the level of the council tax

Helping the Council decide on its policies

Reviewing the performance of the Council's services

Making regulatory decisions, for example on planning or licensing matters

Helping the community express its views on major issues affecting Rossendale

You can find more information about being a councillor on the Local Government Association's website at

You can download the Pre-Candidate Session pack in the related downloads.

You can also download a copy of a general guide on "how you can make a difference" which has been produced by the Improvement and Development Agency, who work for local government improvement so councils can serve people and places better.

Standing for Election

Before you can become a councillor you need to get elected. Most elected councillors are members of a political party, but they do not have to be. Details of political parties and the responsibilities of candidates to be councillors can be found on the website of the Electoral Commission at

Details of the timetable for submitting nominations can be found by contacting the Elections Office on 01706 252445/252446.

It's your vote - make sure you use it.

In order to use your vote you need to be on the electoral register. Contact the Elections Office on 01706 252445/252446, or by e mail to in order to check whether you are on the register, and to make arrangements to register if you aren't.

You might find it easier to vote by post, for example if you work outside Rossendale. You can arrange to vote by post by contacting the Elections Office.

We will post details of the candidates for election in the various wards and of where you can vote on this website before the election.

If you are interested in becoming a County Councillor

If you would like information about becoming a County Councillor the 'Could you be a Councillor?' Lancashire County Council web pages have now been launched, please click link below;

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  2. How to become a Councillor

Telephone: 01706 252445

Elections Office, Futures Park, Bacup, Rossendale, Lancashire, OL13 0BB