Rossendale Borough Council

Emergency planning

RBCs local civil emergency plan

Emergency Planning is about preparing for, and if necessary, responding to major emergencies that may affect the people or environment of Rossendale.

Rossendale Borough Councils out of office hours emergency telephone number is 0300 222 5946.

Rossendale Borough Council is responsible for the production, maintenance and development of a Local Civil Emergency Plan for an integrated response to a major emergency. This plan establishes lines of communication for initial action in the event of a major peacetime emergency.

Rossendale Borough Council works in partnership with the Lancashire County Council Emergency Planning Team and incorporates a number of contingency plans prepared by Lancashire County Council and utilises County resources as required during an incident.

The risk of a major incident in Rossendale is low, but by planning and preparing for emergencies we are better equipped to deal with an incident to protect the people and the environment of Rossendale.

The Council is currently working on the completion of a Business Continuity Plan. This contingency plan will assist the Council in the event of any major disruption to it's service delivery and enable key services to be resumed to our customers as quickly as possible. Business Continuity advice for individuals/businesses is available on the UK Resilience website.

Baxenden Chemicals Ltd
Lancashire County Council Plan for
Mitigating the Consequences of an Off-Site Emergency

For information about the company:
To ensure that arrangements are in place to deal with the off-site consequences of an incident at the site however unlikely, Lancashire County Council produce an off-site emergency plan.  This is a requirement under the Control of Major Accident Hazards 2015 – known as COMAH
For information about these regulations go to the following links:
The Regulations:
The external (off-site) plan is in addition to the company internal (on-site) plan and is developed by the County Council working with a number of organisations including Rossendale Borough Council, Hyndburn Borough Council, emergency services, health organisations and staff from the site.   The plan is designed to protect the public and environment from any emergency which may have off-site consequences.
A key part of the off site plan relates to giving information to people who live and work in  the immediate vicinity of the site (known as the Public Information Zone).  Security protocols mean that a substantial part of the off site plan cannot be placed in the public domain.
All persons and organisations within the Public Information Zone around the site have been issued with information on what to do in the event of an off-site emergency.
If you require further information please contact:
Lancashire County Council Emergency Planning Service
01772 537 902
Baxenden Chemicals Ltd
Contact Name: John Lord
Tel No: 01254 872278

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