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The Council is due to launch a new website on 09/08/2017. Please note that all customers who have previously registered on our existing site will need to re-register on the new site.

Information in other languages and formats

Access to information

Rossendale Borough Council is committed to delivering its services to all members of the local community in a fair and equal way. Anyone in contact with the Council who experiences a communications barrier is entitled to access interpreting and translation services. This includes communication in another language or another format.

The Council will provide translation for written documents into ethnic minority languages and other formats including, large print, Braille, CD or tape. This is a free translation service to its residents in line with our Equality Policy. Help to customers with their interpretation and translation requirements will be dealt with on a request basis.

Employees in the Council's One Stop Shop (OSS) can directly access interpretation and translation services for assisting customers whose first language is not English or require British Sign Language translation if they have difficulties communicating with a Council employee or taking part in at public council meeting.

All Council publications and the information on this website are provided in the English language.

The main languages and dialects used by ethnic minority communities living in Rossendale are Urdu, Bangla, Punjabi, Mirpuri and Polish.

Summary information about our key policies and services is available in alternative languages upon request.

Translating documents:

Take the document you want summarised to the One Stop Shop, Lord Street, Rawtenstall and they will be able to help identify which part of the Council it belongs to. They can also pass on your request for a summary of the relevant information requested. Please click on the icons above to view this information in Urdu, Bengali or Polish.




Ask an English-speaking friend or relative to contact the council or the relevant department on your behalf.

Council staff will be able to access the interpretation service by phoning 0800 321 3026.

Interpretation can be given in around 150 different languages.

Minicom  - is way of communicating through the phone using text. A phone is linked to a keyboard and enables a person to type a message which appears on a small screen at the other end of the line. When communicating using a text phone the other person with whom you are communicating also needs a text phone.

The number to dial for minicom is 01706  252277.