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The council's equality objectives

Equality objectives

The 'specific duties' of the Equality Act 2010 require the Council to publish equality objectives at least every four years. These are set out below.

We would like to thank all those that responded to the consultation on our equality objectives.  The majority of respondents 'strongly agreed' or 'agreed' with the proposed equality objectives.

Equality and fairness underpins the work of the Council at all levels as we strive to achieve fairness in all our services and as an employer.

The Council's Equality Objectives are to:

1.    Ensure community engagement and consultation is effective

Our Council has made considerable progress with the establishment of our Neighbourhood Forums and our robust Equality Impact Assessment process which is used to support and inform our decision making process. However, we recognise that there is a need to improve our understanding of hard to reach communities, and their perceptions of ourselves, partners and our services.

This will be achieved through effective and meaningful consultation and engagement activities. The aim is to foster strong relations allowing customers the opportunity to influence services by developing a clear vision in relation to community engagement.  A toolkit will be implemented which will ensure:

  • That consultation and engagement is targeted with our hard to reach groups where appropriate.
  • The findings are shared across partners to ensure a multi-agency response in developing outcomes. 
  • The findings are considered as part of the decision making process.

2.    Embed equalities throughout the Council

Equality and inclusion will be considered at all levels within the Council to ensure that there is a clear and concise link between strategic thinking and service delivery.  We aim to ensure that we understand and address the needs of all our communities in all Council functions, we will:

  • Ensure that Councillors are trained effectively in relation to equality and diversity so they can carry out their leadership role.
  • Ensure the findings from our Equality Impact Assessment process are fully considered, ensuring that equality and inclusion implications are given due regard in the development of any policies or decisions.

3.    Improve data and analysis in relation to equality and customer information

We collect data in relation to our customers and communities ensuring that our services are meeting the needs of all our communities, we will refresh our equality monitoring policy to:

  • Ensure a proportionate and well balanced approach to the collection of information in relation to our customers. 
  • Develop a robust Council wide set of relevant data to inform our decision making.

These objectives were formally approved by Full Council on 11th July 2012.