Rossendale Borough Council

Equality impact assessments

We are committed to meeting our legal obligations and delivering fair and accessible services to all. Although formal impact assessments are not a legal requirement, the Council feels strongly that our Equality Impact Assessments underpin our equality commitment and enables us to consider our decisions, services and the way we deliver them.

The purpose of carrying out an Equality Impact Assessment is to assess the impact of a change to services or policies on people with protected characteristics according to the Equality Act 2010 and to demonstrate that the Council has considered the aims of the Equality Duty.  

The Equality Impact Assessment process will ensure that our decision making process is robust and impacts on all communities within Rossendale are fully considered in Council business. By carrying out impact assessments, Rossendale Borough Council is working to promote equality for all our service users, employees and the wider community that we serve.

Impact Assessments are published with the appropriate Council or Committee Reports throughout each council year (see agendas, reports and minutes).