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Housing Options

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Rossendale Borough Council's Housing Options Team offers housing advice to people who are homeless or threatened with becoming homeless.

Housing Options Team

The Housing Options Team will assess your housing situation and offer tailored advice to prevent you becoming homeless. Alternatively, if you are already homeless they will advise you about the different accommodation available.

The Housing Options Team will assess if you are statutorily homeless and if a duty is owed to you.

Below are situations where The Housing Options Team can help.

I'm due to be repossessed or evicted from my current accommodation

If you are an owner occupier

If you are worried about the possibility of being repossessed it is crucial that you pay off your mortgage debts before any other debt.  Speak to your lender immediately about your concerns. For further advice go to the following link - Help and Advice on housing Issues during the Recession.

If you are living in a housing association property

Housing Options Team can liaise on your behalf with the housing association to try and resolve issues such as rent arrears/anti-social behaviour which has resulted in you being given notice to leave.

If you are living in private rented accommodation

The Housing Options Team may be able to help if your Landlord is asking you to leave. (e.g: resolving notices to leave, disrepair and illegal eviction issues.)

I'm living in a situation where I am in fear/suffering domestic violence

If you feel that you require some support and advice regarding Domestic Voilence contact the STAR Centre in Rossendale. They provide a 24 hour a day service to women and their families.

The helpline is: 01706 830600

If you are a man suffering from Domestic Violence please contact Mankind on 01823 334244

I'm being asked to leave by my parents

The Housing Options Team may be able to help with such disputes which may enable you to remain within the family home. If you are in urgent need of accommodation, the Housing option Team may be able to assist you in finding temporary accommodation while permanent accommodation is found.

Housing Options

In the situations where it is not possible to prevent homelessness, there are a number of options for rehousing and support in and around Rossendale which include:


Apply for a Housing Association Property at B-With-Us or telephone 0300 123 22 00 for an application pack.

By using B-with-us, you can choose the right home from a list of available properties in the area you would like to live.

Supported Housing

Supported Housing is available for young people aged between 16-25, who are living in Rosendale. For people over 25 there is supported accommodation within East Lancashire.

Private Rented Sector Housing

One of the quickest ways to find alternative accommodation within Rossendale is to consider renting privately.

The Council Bond Scheme can assist with the upfront costs of moving into a Private Rented Property if your Landlord willing to accept the Bond Certificate in place of the money.

Floating Support 

The Calico Partnership offers floating support and advice to people who need assistance to gain skills to live independently. The type of support on offer includes:

  • Finding a home that meets your needs
  • Help in setting up and managing a home
  • Guidance in working with other agencies
  • Helping you to deal with money
  • Getting the right benefits
  • Help to access education, training and employment 
  • Assisting people to get involved in their community 
  • Maintain or rebuild support networks


If it is not possible to prevent your homelessness or to locate alternative accommodation in time, you may wish to apply as homeless. All local authorities have a legal responsibility to help homeless people and their families, and to ensure their rights are upheld.  This duty arises under Part VII of the Housing Act 1996 as amended by the Homelessness Act 2002.


If you want alternative housing advice visit Shelter or the Citizen Advice Bureau


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