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Preventing Homeless

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Many people assume that being homeless means sleeping on the street, but this isn't necessarily the case.

You are homeless if you have no permanent accommodation of your own, so you could be:

  • Sleeping rough
  • Staying on a friends floor or settee
  • Living in a hostel, bed and breakfast or refuge.

You could also be threatened with homelessness if you have your own home but are at risk of losing it for reasons such as:

  • Being asked to leave by your landlord or parents
  • Suffering domestic violence or harassment
  • Leaving the armed forces, prison or hospital
  • Getting into rent or mortgage arrears
  • Your relationship has broken down

If you are homeless or about to become so:

Please read this guide if you are homeless now or are worried that you may be in the near future.

The Council will try to prevent homelessness where ever possible by offering housing advise and assistance.

Where to apply

If you live within the Borough of Rossendale and are homeless/believe you may be soon, you can contact the Housing Options Team by telephoning 01706 252555

You can also go to or telephone the Bacup Neighbourhood Office where your details will be taken and forwarded to the Housing Option Team.

If you are in need of emergency help outside of office hours, please call: 07814 430784

One Stop Shop

Housing Options Team
Rossendale Borough Council
One Stop Shop
Futures Park
OL13 0BB

Opening hours

Monday - Friday - 10pm-4pm


Housing Options Team Telephone: 01706 252555 

After your interview

Your application will be investigated to verify the information that you have provided. You may be asked to supply written confirmation such as a solicitor's letter, proof of pregnancy, tenancy agreement, court order, etc.

At your interview we will also ask you to sign an authorisation which will allow us to make enquiries on your behalf.

Under the terms of Legislation

The Council has a duty to provide accommodation for you if:

  • You are eligible for assistance (See Section A).
  • You are homeless (See Section B).
  • You are in priority need (See Section C).
  • You are not intentionally homeless (See Section D).
  • You have a local connection with Rossendale (See Section E).

If all of these criteria apply to you then we will normally make one reasonable offer of accommodation to you.


  • A British citizen permanently resident in this country
  • A citizen of a foreign country who has unrestricted permission to live in the UK for an unlimited period of time
  • A recognized refugee
  • Any class of person specified as eligible by the Secretary of State


You would be considered as homeless if

  • You have no accommodation; or
  • It is likely that you will become homeless within 28 days.

This could include if you have accommodation but either you cannot gain access to it or it is not reasonable for you to continue to occupy it.


You are considered to be in priority need if

  • You are 16/17 years old.
  • You are pregnant or you have dependent children living with you
  • You are vulnerable due to old age, mental illness, physical disability, etc.
  • You are homeless due to an emergency such as fire or flood.


You may be considered to be intentionally homeless if:

  • You gave up a home when it was reasonable for you to continue to live there.
  • You did something which you could reasonably expect to lead to the loss of your home.
  • You failed to take reasonable action to prevent the loss of your home.

For example you might be deemed intentionally homeless if you persistently failed to pay rent or breached your tenancy agreement.


There are a number of ways in which you can show that you have a local connection with Rossendale:

  • If you are resident in Rossendale; or
  • If you are permanently employed in Rossendale; or
  • If you have close relatives who have been living in Rossendale for 5 years or longer (eg parents or brothers and sisters).

As the rules on these matters are complicated, this should be regarded as only general advice.

Detailed guidance will be given regarding individual applications.

Temporary Accomodation

If you have no accommodation and you appear to be in priority need (see Section C), we can provide temporary accommodation whilst your claim is being investigated.

Temporary accommodation could include bed and breakfast accommodation or a place in a hostel.

These places could be located outside the area as there is limited temporary accommodation within Rossendale.

Homelessness duty

If you are found to be homeless under the terms of the legislation you will be awarded 'Band 1', the highest priority, through the B-With-Us Sub-Regional Choice-Based Lettings (CBL) Partnership. This will hopefully ensure you have sufficient priority to be successful when bidding for properties. However, please be aware that there can be restrictions imposed on banding, which will be explained in the letter to you confirming that the Council has a duty to you.

Council staff will still provide you with advice and assistance on housing matters if you are not awarded a full homeless duty.

Right to seek review

You have a right to seek a review against:

  • An officer's decision made in response to your application; and
  • A particular offer of accommodation made if you feel it is not a reasonable offer.

Details of your right to seek review are included in correspondence sent out during the homelessness application process.

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