Rossendale Borough Council

Properties detrimental to the amenity

The Communities Team can take action against properties which are adversely affecting the amenity because of their condition.  This can include properties with a combination of broken or boarded windows, graffiti, damage to walls, missing roof tiles, broken fencing etc..  It can also include land which is overgrown with waste, scrap or debris on it.

If an officer assesses a property or piece of land and finds it to be detrimental to the amenity, they can require improvement works to be carried out by the owner.  If requests to carry out these works are not complied with, the owner of the land or property can be issued with a legal notice which requires works to be carried out within a strict time limit.  Failure to comply with this Notice can lead to the owner being prosecuted, and on conviction receiving a fine of up to £1,000, or works being carried out by the council and the costs recovered from the owner.  Continued non-compliance with a Notice following a conviction can lead to a further prosecution and on conviction a fine of up to £100 a day for every day the improvement works remain outstanding.

To date over 100 properties and pieces of land have been improved using this power, resulting in millions of pounds of investment in the borough.

For more information contact the Communities Team.