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Gas safety

Private rented housing

Renting a property

Whether you are a landlord or a tenant, make sure you understand the laws about gas safety.

Any gas installation and appliances supplied by the landlord requires an annual gas safety check. This should be carried out by a Gas Safe engineer. A copy of the Gas Safety Certificate should be made available to the tenant. It is also strongly recommended that a carbon monoxide detector is placed in a suitable location within the premises.

What is Gas Safe Register?

Gas Safe Register is the official list of gas engineers who are registered to work safely and legally on gas appliances.  By law, all gas engineers must be on the Gas Safe Register.  It has replaced CORGI registration.  

Always check the card

All Gas Safe registered engineers carry a Gas Safe Register ID card.  Always check the front and the back of the card before having gas work done for:

  • the licence number
  • the start and expiry date
  • the security hologram
  • the work the engineer is qualified to do
  • up-to-date qualifications

You can also check your engineer is registered with Gas Safe Register on the Gas Safe website or by calling 0800 408 5500.

Gas safety for landlords

Are you aware of your legal gas safety duties as a landlord? Every year, landlords are conned by illegal gas workers who perform poor gas work, causing serious illness and death of tenants. And if it's your property, it's your responsibility. Find out what your gas safety duties are.

Gas safety for tenants: have you asked to see your landlord's gas safety record?

Being a tenant means there's always a landlord responsible for the gas appliances. But when was the last time you asked to see your landlord's gas safety record? If it hasn't been updated within the last year, you could be in danger of carbon monoxide poisoning. Illegal gas workers are renowned for conning landlords with unsafe gas work, resulting in serious illness and even death. Find out whether your property is gas safe now.