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Information about what can and cannot go into your bins

What can or cannot be put in my green bin?

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Green bin

Your green bin will be emptied once every 2 weeks by our crews. This waste is then taken to Whinny Hill Landfill Site in Accrington.

We would like you to fully use the recycling facilities offered to you by the council in order to reduce the amount of waste we take to landfill and so that the streets are not filled with black bags on collection day.

Your Green Bin should contain items such as: -

  • Food waste - please wrap to avoid odour
  • Non-recyclable items
  • Plastic carrier bags/other non-recyclable plastics
  • Disposable nappies

Your Green Bin should not contain items such as: -

  • Any items that can be recycled e.g. glass bottles/jars, cans, plastic bottles, garden waste, paper, cardboard or textiles,
  • TV's, computers and electrical goods
  • Hazardous waste - i.e. asbestos, car batteries and oil
  • DIY items such as builders waste and rubble

Non-recyclable items that are too big to go into your green bin can be taken away by the council (at a charge depending on what items you would like removing) or for free to your nearest household waste recycling centre; located at : -

  • Duckworth Clough, Clough End Road, Haslingden - 0300 123 6781.
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