Rossendale Borough Council

Household waste recycling centres (rubbish tips)

Household waste recycling centre in Rossendale

The Household Waste Recycling Centres (HWRCs) are provided for householders to deposit and recycle their household rubbish.

They do not allow trade waste at these sites.

There is one HWRC in the Rossendale area:

  1. Duckworth Clough, Clough End Road, Haslingden (01706) 228702

You can recycle a wide range of materials, from paper and cardboard to scrap metal and household or car batteries. For more information visit the Lancs Council website at this link

If you have a van you will need a permit in order to visit the HWRC. You can apply for a permit by telephoning 0845 0500 957 or completing the online form at this link

The opening hours of all the HWRCs are:

  • 8am - 7pm (Summer - 1st March to 31st October)
  • 9am - 6pm (Winter - 1st November to 28/29th February)

The HWRCs are closed on Christmas Day, Boxing Day, and New Years Day.