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The Council operates its refuse and recycling collection service over four days each week (Tuesday - Friday). Please note that we do not offer any waste and collection services on Monday, Saturday and Sunday.

For many households throughout Rossendale, collection is mainly an alternate weekly kerbside service. This means that a collection of recycling and garden waste  will be followed on week two by a collection of general waste.

The Council is under a general duty to make arrangements for the collection of household waste, but there are variations on the service offered to residents due to the wide range of locations we collect from.

Most households will receive the following;
  • blue wheelie bin for glass, cans & plastic bottles
  • grey wheelie bin for paper & cardboard
  • brown wheelie bin for garden waste
  • green wheelie bin for general waste

Some households aren't able to have wheelie bins and have their refuse/recycling collected in sacks.

Collections start at 6.45am. Place the wheeled bins/sacks for collection at the boundary of your property or at your collection point, clearly visible to the collection crew and avoiding any inconvenience to others. Please refer to your collection calendar which will indicate your collection day and which containers are to be collected.

Garden waste collections (Brown Bins) service is provided from 1st March until 30th November each year. Outside of this period residents can request a collection of garden waste on 2 specific dates per month. Residents must telephone 01706 878660 or email  to request a collection, at which point they will be advised when to present their bin.

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