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Missed Collections

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If your bin is not presented for collection on time we will not be able to empty it.

To ensure that your bins are emptied on the due day please make sure:

  1. that they are out for collection by 6.45am on your scheduled day.
  2. that your green bin only contains ordinary household waste (no soil, rubble or bulky items etc.)
  3. that your blue recycling bin only contains items that we can recycle (food and drinks cans, aerosol cans, foil, glass bottles/jars and plastic bottles).
  4. that your grey recycling bin only contains paper and card.
  5. that if you are a car owner, your vehicle is not blocking access on your scheduled collection day. Inconsiderate parking can make it difficult for us to collect your waste.

Please note that external factors such as adverse weather conditions and vehicle breakdowns may delay your collection times until later in the day.

If your refuse/recycling has not been collected on the scheduled day, please contact us using the details below on the following working day.

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Telephone: 01706217777 Option3

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