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Accumulations of waste on land

Accumulations on land

There is often confusion about who does what in respect of waste on land. Environmental Health can take action where waste has accumulated on private land if it is likely to cause a nuisance to people within the area, i.e. if the waste is noxious and/or likely to attract pests.

In such cases action can be taken to require either the land owner or the person responsible for the accumulation to remove it.

Other Council Departments and enforcing bodies may be involved in dealing with waste on land:

  • Accumulations/refuse on council owned land - Requests concerning accumulations on Council owned land should be referred to the relevant council department, for example, Highways, Parks, and Neighbourhood Offices.
  • Inappropriate use of the refuse collection system - If your request involves an inappropriate use of the refuse collection system, such as bins not being put out for collection you should contact Environmental Services - Tel: 01706 878660 (Environmental Services can also assist you with requests involving recycling, missed bin collections, new or replacement bins etc.).
  • Fly tipping if you see someone fly tipping make a note of as many details as you can -including any vehicle registration numbers. Fly tipping on Council owned land will be dealt with by the relevant council department such as Environmental Services, Parks, or the appropriate Neighbourhood Office. Environmental services can investigate complaints of fly tipping on private land.

If your request concerns the fly tipping of trade waste it is the Environment Agency who are the enforcing authority and the matter should be reported to them on 0800 807060 or visit


Telephone: 01706 252565

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