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The work of The Prince's Trust

All of our activities - programmes, partnerships, fundraising - have one overall purpose: to reach young people in the UK who face more barriers than most, and help them get past those barriers so they can get their lives working and make a positive contribution to society.

The Prince's Trust supports young people in a number of ways:

A 12-week personal development course called Team that helps 16-25 year olds - the majority unemployed - to develop confidence, motivation and skills through teamwork in the community. We deliver the course through partners such as colleges and the fire service. Ex-offenders/offenders and care leavers are recruited onto the course, helping to support these two target groups. And we utilise the practical support of 50 Premier and Football League Clubs to recruit and retain young people on the Teams. More about Team

Cash awards of 50- 500 combined with advice and support, so young people can access education, training or work. More

Cash grants for groups of young people, so they can design and deliver projects that address community issues. More

Low interest loans, grants and other business start-up support for 18-30 year olds*. Most are unemployed and have been refused funding by other sources. More
*18-25 in Scotland through a partner charity, PSYBT

A six-month programme that helps unemployed young people develop their musical talents, as well as self-confidence and life skills. Sound Live starts with a six-day personal development residential of music-based activities working with professional tutors. The following months consist of individual follow-up support and signposting. More

Two and three week visits to Europe for groups of around five young people, so they can take part in community projects overseas. More

Piloting new ways of reaching the "hardest to reach" 14-25 year olds as part of our partnership with The Royal Bank of Scotland Group.

We also support our key target groups with specialist help:

xl clubs - A programme in schools for 14-16 year olds at risk of truanting, exclusion and under achievement. The clubs use a teamwork approach towards personal development, to improve students' attendance, motivation and social skills. More

Pilots in prisons We are piloting personal development courses in prison for those still serving their sentences, as preparation for release.

Her Majesty's Prison and Youth Offenders Institution in Reading have led the way and we're looking to expand to other prisons. We also run "Taster Days" in prisons to inform young people of the opportunities we provide. The Prison Service has given The Prince's Trust Preferred Provider Status through their Custody to Work scheme.

Leaving Care Initiative - We work with over 40 organisations in the UK to provide personal volunteer mentors to young people who are leaving care or have left care.

The mentors support and advise care leavers, help them learn new skills and gain knowledge, and enable access to Trust programmes and other services in the community, so care leavers can make the transition to adult life and independent living. More
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