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Revenue & capital budgets

Revenue and capital budgets

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Budgets cover both the annual revenue requirements for ongoing services and the capital programme requirements to maintain and develop the Council's long-term assets, including land, buildings and equipment.

The Council's budgetary process begins in summer each year and is subject to public consultation before Members set the budget and a Council Tax figure to fund that budget at the Full Council meeting in February.

The financial context within which the budget is set reflects the following:

  • The key assumptions and concerns raised in the Council's Medium Term Financial Strategy  
  • Any central Government indications as to how Council Tax increases should be limited;
  • The need to deliver the Council's priorities in line with the Corporate Plan and the Community Vision
  • The need to present a balanced budget which matches service priorities to the resources available.

During the budget-setting process the emerging priorities for the year ahead are also being drafted.

Rossendale's Council Tax is frozen for the seventh year running

The Revenue and Capital Budgets for 2016-17 were approved at Full Council on the 24th February 2016.   In light of the impacts of the wider economy on local residents, Rossendale Borough Council has worked hard to find efficiency savings to enable it to set a Council Tax with a zero% rise for 2016/17.  

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