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The Council is due to launch a new website on 09/08/2017. Please note that all customers who have previously registered on our existing site will need to re-register on the new site.


Graffiti is an illegal, anti-social activity which can create a negative impression of an area and contributes to people's fear of crime.

The council will deal with graffiti in one of 2 ways:

Racist / offensive graffiti - Reports of racist or offensive graffiti will be responded to within 24 hours (during the working week) and will be removed where possible or obliterated.  Where it is on private land the council will try to contact the owner of the land before doing so, but removal / obliteration of the graffiti will be the first priority.

Non-offensive graffiti - where this is on private land, contact will be made with the owner of the land to discuss options for removal.  Enforcement action can be taken depending on the extent of graffiti and where it is, but will be a last resort in recognition of the land owner being a victim of crime. Where graffiti  is on Rossendale Borough Council land, the council will aim to remove/obliterate the graffiti when / where reasonably practicable.

To report graffiti please use the online form or contact the Operations Team on 01706 878660 /