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Introduction to Housing Benefit and Council Tax Support

Who can claim Housing Benefit and Council Tax Support

Anyone who has to pay rent and or council tax can apply. Basically if you have received a council tax bill and are the responsible person for paying the tax you may claim council tax support. If you pay rent to live in your property (council tenancy or private rented property) you can claim housing benefit to help you pay your rent.

However, both housing and council tax support are means tested benefits so the amount of help that you get depends upon:

  • Your income.
  • Your savings.
  • Other people living with you.

Therefore although you can claim, there may be sometimes when you have no entitlement to benefit.

The people who might not have any entitlement to benefit are listed below:-

  • People who are not liable to pay rent and/or council tax people with savings over £16,000 (except those in receipt of the guaranteed credit part of the pension credit).
  • People living with / paying board to a close relative (although Second Adult Rebate may be claimed).
  • People who are from outside the UK who do not have recourse to public funds.
  • People that rent a former joint home from their ex partner.
  • People that are the parent or guardian of their landlords child.
  • People that occupy their home as part of their job.
  • In some cases students and people living in residential/nursing homes (there are special rules for these claimants).

Please note: If you own your own home we are unable to assist with your mortgage payments. You will have to contact the Job Centre or Department for Work and Pensions if you require this help.

To contact the Job Centre visit

To contact the Department for Work and Pensions visit

To contact the Pension service visit