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Private hire vehicles & drivers

Private Hire Vehicles and drivers are licensed by Rossendale Borough Council in the interest of public safety. The main difference between a Hackney Carriage and a Private Hire Vehicle is that a Private Hire Vehicle needs to be pre-booked with the operator. Such vehicles can not ply for hire in the street and are not insured for this purpose.

Ten top tips for your safety in taxis

  • If you get into a taxi in the street, ensure it has the Rossendale Borough Council logo displayed on the doors and Rossendale Hackney Carriage plates on the front and rear of the vehicle.
  • The driver is obliged to wear a badge on their person. If they do not have a badge on, ask to see it before you get into the taxi. Make a note of the badge number.
  • All Hackney Carriages are obliged to have meters fitted which regulate the fare. Ensure your taxi has a meter and it is lit up. A bogus taxi is unlikely to have a meter fitted.
  • Always pre-book your taxi by telephone with an operator who you know and have used before.
  • Check that the taxi that has arrived is from the same company you booked it with.
  • Give a name when you book by phone. The driver who arrives should be able to give this name.
  • If you are leaving a pub or night club ask them which company they recommend or have a contract with.
  • Their number will normally be near the public phone box.
  • If you are alone and feel vulnerable, sit directly behind the driver.
  • Watch the route the driver takes you. If it is not the direct route ask why. If you're not happy, ask the driver to drop you off in a well lit area where there are other people, such as outside an open pub, restaurant etc.
  • When you get home and have paid the driver, put your purse or wallet away before you get out of the taxi, and if you feel vulnerable, ask the driver to wait until you get into your house.

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