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Town twinning of Whitworth & Kandel

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The towns of Whitworth and Kandel became twinned in 1966. At a ceremony in Kandel on the 6th August, the Twinning Charter was formally signed by the Chairman of the Whitworth Urban District Council, Councillor Frank W Walker, and the Burgermeister of Kandel, Herr Oskar Böhm.

Kandel is situated in the Rhine Valley in the PfÄlz region of South Western Germany, an area particularly well known for the production of German wine, Liebfraumilch and Hock being two of the most famous.

Like Whitworth, Kandel has its own Town Council. It is part of the District Council Verbandsgemeinde Kandel, their equivalent of the Rossendale Borough Council.

Whitworth Town Council is assisted in the maintenance of the twinning link by the Whitworth Town Twinning Committee. The Committee holds fund raising events to help in the provision of hospitality for visitors to Whitworth from Kandel. An official delegation visits Whitworth usually every two years and similarly a delegation from Whitworth visits Kandel. Also over the years other local groups, such as the Whitworth Swimming Club, have organised exchange visits.

New members of the Committee are always welcome and anyone interested in joining can contact Councillor Tom Aldred on 01706 852183.

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