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Alcohol and entertainment licensing

The Licensing Act 2003 received Royal Assent in July of 2003 and the Act came into force on 24th November 2005.  The overall aim of the Act is to modernise the legislation governing the sale and supply of alcohol and public entertainment licensing.

The Act has done this by transferring liquor licensing powers from the Magistrates Court to Local Authorities, via the creation of 'Licensing Authorities'. Together with many other significant changes, the current fixed hours of operation when alcohol can be sold have been removed so that licence applicants can request their own hours of operation.

Under the Act, the following are licensable activities:

  • The sale by retail of alcohol, 
  • the supply of alcohol by or on behalf of a club to, or to the order of, a member of the club, 
  • the provision of regulated entertainment, and 
  • the provision of late night refreshment.

 Regulated entertainment means the provision of:

  • entertainment 
  • entertainment facilities (facilities for enabling persons to take part in making music and/or dancing).

The descriptions of entertainment are:

  • a performance of a play,
  • an exhibition of a film,
  • an indoor sporting event,
  • a boxing or wrestling entertainment,
  • a performance of live music,
  • any playing of recorded music,
  • a performance of dance,
  • entertainment of a similar description to that falling within paragraph (e), (f) or (g)

A licensable activity may be carried on under one or more of the following:

  • a premises licence (incorporating a personal licence);
  • a club premises certificate;
  • a temporary event notice.

Select one of the categories below for further information:

  • personal Licences,
  • premises Licences,
  • club Premises Certificates,
  • temporary Event Notices.

Whilst the Department for Culture, Media and Sport remain responsible for entertainment licensing law, the responsibility for alcohol policy and licensing has recently transferred to the Home Office.  Further information on alcohol licensing can be obtained from the Home Office website.  Further information on entertainment licensing can be obtained from the DCMS website.

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