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Discover the Secret Life of Rossendale's Plastics

Published Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Bin men emptying bin into bin wagon

Households in Rossendale are binning thousands plastic bottles every day, despite the fact they can be transformed, through recycling, into a range of surprising items.


To tackle this, Pledge 4 Plastics – a national initiative aiming to boost plastics recycling – has released a short animated video revealing the ‘secret lives’ of plastics after being recycled. Rossendale Borough Council is backing this campaign and helping Pledge 4 Plastics to spread the message;

The animation shows a family recycling everyday plastic items as they go about their day, with the items making unexpected transformations. Dad starts his recycling journey in the bathroom, where a shampoo bottle transforms into a plastic chair.

Other plastic household items are reborn throughout the video including a butter tub turning into a table, a milk bottle becoming a toy rocket and a fruit punnet morphing into kitchen utensils.

The full list of surprising recycling transformations included in the animation is:

· A shampoo bottle to a chair

· A butter tub to a kitchen table

· A fruit punnet to kitchen utensils

· A milk bottle to a toy rocket

· A yoghurt pot to a car bumper

· A juice drinks bottle to a football shirt

The 30 second video ends with the message ‘Recycle all your plastic bottles to give them a chance to be reborn.’

Pledge 4 Plastics is led by RECOUP, the member-based plastics recycling charity.

Cllr Christine Lamb Portfolio Holder for Operational Services said: “We are really happy to see this video, as it will help us spread awareness that people in Rossendale can recycle all plastic bottles in their homes, including those used for shampoo, household cleaners and cooking oils."

In Rossendale we can also recycle plastic pots, tubs and trays, including fruit punnets and yoghurt pots, so it’s good to see this message coming through as well.”

We hope the surprising recycling transformations in the video will encourage people to share the video and, in turn, recycle more of their household plastics."

Pledge 4 Plastics has also revealed its top five recycling facts:

1. It costs up to £78 million to dispose of the plastic bottles, pots, tubs and trays not collected for recycling from UK households

2. Less than 60 per cent of plastic bottles and 30 per cent of plastic pots, tubs and trays are collected for recycling from households in the UK

3. 36 million plastic bottles are used by UK households in the UK every day - 15 million are not recycled

4. The average UK household uses around 500 plastic bottles per year but only recycles just over half of them

5. All types of plastic bottles can be recycled, including those used for juice, water, fizzy drinks, squash, sauces, cooking oils, washing up liquid, shampoo and conditioner, shower gel, garden products and car products


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