Rossendale Borough Council

Report it

Report an issue to the Operations Team

You can use this form to report an issue about your bin collection or street sweeping

Report Miscellaneous Issue

Please use this form to report any miscellaneous issue or problem to us. The request will be forwarded to the relevant service area to be processed directly, where possible.

Contest a Penalty Charge Notice online

You can challenge a Penalty Charge Notice that you have been issued by completing this form.

Report a street care issue

Using this form you can notify us of issue in your area involving graffiti, litter, fly-tipping, fouling, abandoned vehicles, playgrounds, parks or any other general street care issues.

Report a highway issue

Whether it's a pot hole or a road that needs salting, you can use this form to report the problem to Lancashire County Council.

Notify us of a change in address for Council Tax

Use this online form to notify us of a change in address. You can use a separate form to notify us of a change in name.

Register a complaint or give feedback

We believe that customer complaints and feedback can be used positively to help us to improve our services in the future. We would like to know your views.

Report benefit fraud

If you think someone is receiving benefits they are not entitled to, please report it using our report benefit fraud online form.

Report noise nuisance

Use this form to report a noise nuisance.

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