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Pre-Planning Submission Charges

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Rossendale Planning Service pre-application submission charges and criteria definition are as follows:


   Minor  Major
 Initial Meeting  £250 plus VAT  £300 plus VAT
 Follow up meetings  £125 plus VAT  £120 plus VAT
 Significant Major Developments Meeting £600 plus VAT
 Follow up meeting £240 plus VAT
 Change of Use <1000m2 £250 plus VAT
 Listed Building Consent £50 plus VAT
 Demolition in a Conservation Area >115m3 £150 plus VAT
 Advert £50 plus VAT
 Householders (eg extensions) £50 plus VAT

Pease note the above fees are in addition to the national fee requirements as set out in the Town and Country Planning regulations as prescribed by Central Government.

Minor development definition:

· Schemes of 1-9 dwellings

· Commercial development resulting in new floor space on sites smaller than 1ha or less than 1000sqm.

· Changes of use above 0.1 Ha

Major development definition:

· More than 10 dwellings

· Offices / Research / Business and light Industry >1000m2 or >1 ha

· Heavy industry / manufacturing / storage and warehousing >1000m2 or >1ha

· Retail distribution and servicing >1000m2 or >1ha


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