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Rossendale Local Plan 2019 to 2036

Local Development Scheme (Local Plan Timetable)

The latest Local Plan timetable was agreed at the Council meeting held on Monday 23rd December 2019. The timetable called Local Development Scheme is available to view here.


Stages of the Local Plan process

The stages of the Local Plan are set out in the Town and Country Planning (Local planning) (England) Regulations 2012.


What is it?

Do I get to have any input?

1. Evidence Gathering

This is where we get all the facts, figures and statistics to help us make achievable and deliverable decisions and plans. The information is available to view on the Evidence Base page.

Not normally. This stage is to get factual and/or scientific data about certain topics and/or issues.

2. Public Participation and Engagement (regulation 18)


Using the evidence above, the policies to guide development in the Borough are written and sites are being proposed for allocation to help meet the development nee of the Borough.

Yes, we want your comments to help us improve the policies and identify the best suitable sites for future development. Your comments will help us prepare the publication stage version of the Local Plan.

3. Publication (regulation 19)


This is a formal stage of the process. We will publish the final version of the document for a consultation period of 6 weeks. The comments made at this stage will be then send to the Inspector who will assess the Local Plan.

Yes, but this stage is about the legal compliance of the Local Plan process and its “soundness”.


4. Submission & Independent Examination (regulation 22 & 24)

Current stage

When we are satisfied that the best and most appropriate plan has been prepared, we will submit it to the Secretary of State (the Government) to be independently assessed and examined by an appointed Planning Inspector.

Yes. The document will be "examined in public" and you can watch the proceedings and might be asked by the Inspector to speak and give evidence. However no new/further representations on the Local Plan can be made and the decision to discuss particular topics and call certain people to speak is up to the Inspector.

5. Adoption, Monitoring & Review (regulation 26)

After the examination in public, the Inspector will issue its decision with regard to quality and soundness of the document. The Local Plan can only be adopted when the Inspector has determined that it is fit for purpose.

After this, the Council will monitor the effectiveness of the policies and whether there is any need to review any part of the Core Strategy.

No. At this stage all comments and representations will have been received, taken into consideration and if necessary will have given evidence at the examination.

This is the final stage in the preparation of the Core Strategy, and once adopted, it will replace the current Local Plan in its entirety, as set out in the document.