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Warm and Welcome Places - Winter 2022

There are lots of Warm Hubs across Rossendale that individuals and families can go to get warm, have a brew and a chat. Some are also offering food, games, wifi, free computer use and device charging.

These warm spaces will provide you with somewhere to keep warm, access information and advice or spend time with others. 

  • Partnership between Trinity Baptist church, Christ Church and ABD Centre. Bacup - Starting 3.30 – 5.30pm, Monday, Wednesday, Friday

           Monday – Trinity Baptist

           Wednesday – Christ Church

           Friday – ABD Centre

  • The Maden Centre, Bacup – Thursdays 9 – 12, families
  • TVLA – the Valley Leadership Academy Living room 5 – 7pm every Wednesday
  • St. Anne’s Edgeside, Waterfoot Mondays and Wednesdays – 2 – 4pm
  • Rossendale Methodist church – Longholme, Rawtenstall. Thursdays – The Haven – 9.30 – 1.30 – games, company, coffee, lunches available
  • Haslingden Community Link, Bury Road. A warm, friendly atmosphere, a free brew & crafts. Food available (check price of food and Xmas closures). Lancs County Council initiative. Mondays, 9.00am-12.00noon
  • Haslingden St James’ Church, Church Street - Sit, drink, eat, chat, read the paper. Free brews and biscuits. Pay-what-you-can lunch available. Check Xmas closures. Monday’s 11.00am-2.00pm
  • Haslingden Library, Higher Deardengate. -  A free warm drink, a space to sit, free computers, Wi-Fi and charging.Monday- Saturday opens 9.00am (Closes on Mon, Thurs & Fri at 5pm; Tues at 7pm; Wed & Sat 1pm) Closed 23rd-28th December & 2nd Jan. Re-opens as normal from 3rd Jan..
  • Helmshore - Refectory, St Thomas’ Church, Helmshore Road. Sit, drink, eat, chat, read the paper. Free brews and biscuits, Pay-what-you-can lunch available. Wednesdays, 11.00am-2.00pm
  • Methodist Church Manchester Road (down the right side of the church, thru’ blue double doors) A warm place to sit and chat, with all food & drink free (brews, toast, soup and a roll) Thursdays 10.00-12noon (Closed 22nd & 29th December (Friday café 10am-2pm for warmth and reasonably priced food.)
  • Helmshore - Community Café at Helmshore Textile Museum Holcombe Road - Relax and chat with board games, cards, jigsaws, free Wi-Fi & occasional activities. Reasonably priced Thursdays, 12noon-4.00pm
  • St Peter’s Church Haslingden St Peter’s Avenue. Warm, welcoming, and with free brews and toast. Fridays 9.30-11.30am (Closed 23rd December.)
  • St Nicolas Church, Newchurch - Thursday morning 9.30am, till 12.00.  Warm welcome with hot drinks, cake, biscuits.  Card and board games.
  • Rawtenstall Library, Queen's Square. - A free warm drink, a space to sit, free computers, Wi-Fi and charging. Monday- Saturday opens 9.00am (Closes on Mon, Tue, Wed, Fri & Sat at 5pm; Thu at 7pm) Closed 23rd-28th December & 2nd Jan. Re-opens as normal 3rd Jan.
  • Bacup Library, St James Square. - A free warm drink, a space to sit, free computers, Wi-Fi and charging. Monday- Wednesday & Friday-Saturday opens 9.00am (Closes on Mon & Fri 5pm; Tue and Sat at 1pm; Wed at 7pm. Closed all day on Thu) Closed 23rd-29th December & 2nd Jan. Re-opens as normal 3rd Jan.
  • Whitworth Library, Lloyd Street. - A free warm drink, a space to sit, free computers, Wi-Fi and charging. Monday opens 1.00pm, Tuesday & Thursday-Saturday opens 9.00am (Closes on Mon 7pm; Tue, Thu and Fri at 5pm; Sat at 1pm. Closed all day on Wed) Closed 23rd-28th December & 2nd Jan. Re-opens as normal 3rd Jan.

Other Warm Welcomes from existing projects

  • Haslingden Men’s Shed - The Link Centre, Bury Road. Just turn up. Free. Wednesdays, 4-6pm. Free brews, social and activity group. Meet new friends, learn new skills. Everyone welcome. Booking required: David on 07539 264279. Free. Donation £5 welcomed.
  • Friends & Food, St Thomas Church Hall, Helmshore Road- Craft, games, workshops, chat and afternoon tea. Two Thursdays a month, 2-4pm

Volunteer-run cafés provide reasonably priced hot food & drink, social contact and no pressure to leave. They run at:

  • Eat & Meet, St James Church lounge, Church Street - £5 for 3 courses + drinks. 12 noon Two Tuesdays a month 
  • The Refectory, St Thomas Church, Helmshore Road - Soup, hot mains, sandwiches, cakes. two Thursdays a month.
  • Community Lunch, Community Link Café, Bury Road - £3.95 for 2 courses. Everyone welcome. Just turn up. Fridays. Café also open Monday - Friday 9am-2pm for reasonably priced full menu. Dementia friendly.


Every time you come to a warm space you will be given a warm welcome from the friendly staff and volunteers.

No judgement

Every warm space is a non-judgemental space. Whatever the reason you have for needing to come in, you'll be treated fairly and never judged.

Respect and dignity

Everyone has a right to be warm. Staff, volunteers and those visiting warm spaces will be expected to treat everyone with respect and dignity.

Everyone must respect this, or they will be asked to leave.


Warm spaces will aim to be accessible to all. Where physical features reduce accessibility warm spaces will aim to make you aware of this through their publicity and if possible, signpost to alternative venues locally.


Warm spaces will be responsible for having safeguarding and food hygiene policies which will always be followed. They will have a commitment to health and safety and have appropriate risk assessments in place.


If you want to share the reasons you need a warm space, someone will listen. Staff and volunteers won't tell anyone else unless you give them permission, or they are required to because of their safeguarding policies.


If you need to access information, advice or support the staff within the warm space will be able to signpost you to organisations that can help, if you so wish.