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Additional Restrictions Support Grant Updated 1st October 2021

Additional Restrictions Support Grant Updated 1st October 2021 Final Scheme

We are making arrangements to process a final payment for the ARG funding scheme.

Please read the details carefully before sending in your application.

The Government have provided the Council with a limited amount of funding to deliver this grant.

The grant will provide limited financial support to businesses with or without a business rate assessment, which are continuing to be severely impacted by Covid-19 restrictions, or the transition out of restrictions, put in place by the Government to control the spread of coronavirus. For example businesses in the Retail, Hospitality, Leisure, and Accommodation Sectors.

Applications will be processed in a fair and transparent manner. 

The appropriate level of grant will be determined, taking into account

  • the rateable value if applicable;
  • the level of fixed costs faced by the business;
  • the number of employees;
  • Steps made to mitigate the effects of Covid-19
  • The scale of Covid-19 losses
  • Pre and Post Covid-19 Trading figures

We will provide the highest assistance to those eligible businesses which protect the highest number of jobs, have suffered the greatest impact to their business and those with the highest business related fixed costs. 

You will be required to provide evidence of this - failure to do so will result in your application being delayed or not being considered for funding. A requirement of the scheme is that you will commit to working with our Business Advisor if requested.

The Council may also provide additional support to larger local businesses which are important to the local economy, or considered of significant historic importance to the local area.

Who is it for?

Your business may be eligible if it:

  • Is based in Rossendale
  • is open and trading
  • Has fixed business related costs that have not reduced due to the additional restrictions of National Lockdown, examples of fixed business-related costs are rent, business mortgage, insurance, utilities, phone contract, ongoing maintenance contracts, vehicle costs, professional body memberships, subscription licences, loan repayments etc. 
  • A business that continues to be severely impacted by Covid-19, even though restrictions have been lifted.
  • Business owners receiving Self Employment Income Support Scheme or Universal Credit will need to provide evidence of fixed business costs to be eligible for the grant.

Who is not eligible?

Your business will not be eligible if it:

  • has been able to continue to operate during the lockdown because it does not depend on providing direct in-person services from its premises
  • has chosen to close without being severely impacted by Covid-19.
  • the business owner has another source of employment income
  • has reached the state aid limit (see below).
  • is in administration, insolvent or where a striking-off notice has been made.
  • has long term business rate arrears

How much is the grant?

Grant awards will be proportional to the scale and size of the business. 

Payments will be made as a one-off lump sum payment for the dates outlined above.

All applications will be eligibility checked, including having to meet the financial need and/or justification for public sector support criteria.

Grants will be awarded based on the need of the business and eligibility criteria. The amount given will be decided upon at our discretion and notified to the business when the application has deemed to be successful.

Payment will be made by BACS into the business bank account using the information provided in the application form. 

Important- Dependent on demand, we reserve the right to change the qualifying criteria at short notice if it is appropriate to do so, reflecting changing circumstances and demand on funds. 

The Council’s decision is final. There is no right of appeal against a decision not to award a grant.

How to Apply?

Before you apply, and if applicable, you must have the following information available to complete your application:

  • Your 8 digit Business Rates reference (if applicable).
  • VAT registration number (if applicable)
  • UTR number (if applicable)
  • Company registration number (if applicable)
  • Charity registration number (if applicable)
  • Details of average monthly income and expenditure prior to COVID-19- Year 2019/up to March 2020
  • Details of average monthly income and expenditure post COVID-19- As per date of application
  • Copies of Business Account bank statements– alternatively a written financial statement, prepared and signed by a qualified accountant, setting out the businesses actual and predicted income over the period compared with the same period Pre-Covid (March 2020).
  • Business bank sort code
  • Business bank account number
  • Business bank account name
  • Impact Statement- this document needs to outline clearly the levels of trading pre-Covid compared to the current trading levels. We need details of how the business is continuing to be impacted, what steps are being taken to recover from these impacts and how funding will assist in the businesses recovery. We also want to know any implications going forward if funding is not available to the business ( for example- impending job losses, business contraction, possible closing)

ARG Application Form

Business Grant Subsidy Allowance (previously referred to as State aid)

The EU State aid rules no longer apply to subsidies granted in the UK following the end of the transition period, which ended on 31 December 2020.

Businesses who receive awards of Government grant funding such as the Local Restrictions Support Grant are required to comply with the Business Grant Subsidy Allowance rules.

Full details of the Business Grant Subsidy Allowance scheme can be found here


You may face prosecution if you have manipulated or falsified your position in order to obtain these payments.

Any payment made as a result of fraud will be subject to claw back.

The Government will not accept deliberate manipulation and fraud – and any business caught falsifying their records to gain additional grant money will face prosecution and any funding issued will be subject to claw back, as may any grants paid in error.